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Our Operations

123 Childcare partners with existing kindergartens and early childhood education providers, as well as operates its own kindergartens.

MBIK Managed by 123 Childcare

123 Childcare manages the Meg International Kindergarten Group (MBIK) in Beijing.

MBIK has kindergartens at:

Beijing Development Area (BDA)
Qian He in Chaoyang
● Flower City
Yang Ben
● Guo Dian

These kindergartens are operated to international standards and were initially developed by Meg Bi whose experience in Canada and other countries convinced her that children in Beijing should have access to the same high level of bi-lingual education as children overseas. In 2000, the first kindergarten was opened at Qian He in the north of Beijing near the fourth Ring Road. Over the intervening years another four kindergartens have been opened around Beijing at various locations including Fang Tei and BDA. Both local and foreign teachers are employed in MBIK kindergartens to deliver the programme. In addition, specialist teachers in various subjects provide instrumental music tuition, roller skating, thinking skills, dancing and martial arts.

123 Early Years Training Centre (Shanghai)

123 Childcare will soon be opening its first childcare centre in Shanghai.

Our centre, situated in Zhongshan Park, will cater to children aged 0-12.  It will offer childcare services and early years developmental training to children aged 0-3 during the day and after school activity programs for children aged 3-12 in the evening and on weekends.

123 International Kindergarten(Chengdu)

123 Childcare will soon be opening an international kindergarten in Chengdu in Q4 2013. 123 is proud to open its door and providing the best learning environment to deliver an international bilingual curriculum to families in Chengdu.

Our new centre, situated in LuxeTown, will cater to children aged 2-6. We have combined the best of Chinese and international methodologies, with a strong focus on Chinese, English, Mathematics, Science and Social Sciences. We also offer a number of speciality classes after school and on the weekend such as ballet, fun with cooking, fun with science, inline skating, martial arts, piano and tennis.